About Us

Rare Birds in Flight are taking wing with their vibrant music, stirring lyrics, and stunning and surprising melodies and harmonies. The band is fronted by the songwriting vocalist twins Elizabeth and Laura Moliter, whose sounds evokes the seasoned sensuality of torch crooners-- with depth of emotion and melodic fluidity--and at the same time has an impact, intensity, and an energy that really rocks and rolls.

Laura and Elizabeth have been singing together since they were kids in the pristine town of Greendale, Wisconsin. The twin sisters grew up as a natural duet, harmonizing easily through childhood, whether only for each other or as performers on stage. As they became young women, each followed a separate path and discovered her own individual voice, with changing backdrops as inspiration. Over the past 20 years, Elizabeth and Laura's experiences have included performing on stage in New York City musical theater and cabaret; discovering Austin, Texas, and adding their voices to bands involved in its vibrant rock and blues scene, and through those years both together and apart, putting into poetic and honest words the lives that women so often lead--loving, losing, living, learning, and laughing.

Now they return to the original duet, coming back eagerly to the unbreakable connection which years of living apart has only made more powerful, poignant, passionate, and heartfelt. They are grateful to be collaborating again with their soulful original songs, made even more haunting and unforgettable by their band members. Scotty Scott brings a skillful and colorful collaboration on guitar, and 
Billy Sederholm gives the group a solid foundation with his resonant and rhythmic tones on bass. These musicians bring their talents, inspiration, and broad musical experience to Rare Birds in Flight, giving both sensitivity and edginess to the Moliters’ original songs.

Rare Birds in Flight has just recorded their second EP, Aloft. Their first EP, Murmuration, is in its second pressing.