Just Because

Last Train 

By Elizabeth Moliter

Verse 1

On the last car of the last train

Heading north from Washington Square        

She’s staring out the window

There’s nothing but darkness there.

Verse 2

The swing of the car rocks the riders to sleep

But she’s wide-eyed and wide-awake

The pulse of the train and the songs in her brain

Are almost more than she can take.


Where are you going, where are you going, now?             

What will you see there? 

Who will you be there? 

Oh, oh, oh

Verse 3

There’s a tear in her eye for the days gone by

And the life she’ll leave behind

But she’s glad for the ride and the music inside

And the company of her kind. 


Repeat Chorus

Verse 4

The window is a mirror 

And she’s looking back at me

We ride underground in my old hometown

Up to 42nd, 42nd Street.


Why would I want to take her away

From the world she loves so well?

From the pace she’s known, 

And the place she’s grown

Into a woman with stories to tell?

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5 

On the last car of the last train

On the last day of old dreams

She’s staring out the window

And something in the darkness gleams. 




by Laura Moliter

Disappear, inside a life; 

lose yourself, be the night.

Stealthy heart, and noisy mind; 

take your spot on the sidelines.

Disappear, be light and quick.

Evade the world, like a magic trick.

Watch and pray that no one sees

your crazy ways, your empty fears.



Be small and wonder, 

be humble and ponder.

Make your body light,

so you can slip away.



Disappear, but leave a trace

to find yourself inside the maze.

Disappear, be lean and strong,

with no excess to drag along



Hidden in plain sight.


the poet’s dream,

and light enough, to get carried away.


Disappear, is it too late?

A light is shining on your face.

Disappear, you have been seen.

You have been loved. You have been loved.

Thank God for You

by Elizabeth Moliter

Verse 1

We soared like a rocket

Exploded like a bomb

And sometimes lay on tender days

Safe in each other’s arms.

Verse 2

Those days are far behind us

Looks like you won the war.

The stillness that I dreamed about

Came crashing through my door.



But [Now] I thank God for what we had.

For the sweetness and anguish

The good times and the bad.

Thank God you found your someone.

Guess I found something, too. 

Thank God for love and laughter.           

Thank God, my friend 

For you. 


Verse 3 

Your song still plays inside me.

Your voice still fills my head.

I replay favorite memories

Of the funny things you said.

Verse 4

The pain is painted over.

A sea of tears run dry.

You sailed away rejoicing

I’m alone, but I’m alive.



I’m not the one you needed.

I should have told you so.

I guess I didn’t know it

Until you let me go. 


Repeat Chorus

Just Because

by Laura Moliter

Made a date with destiny.

She stood me up again.

Or maybe it was that old map

that led me back to then.


Gave it all a second chance,

I’m generous with my doubts.

 There is a place where living lives

out past the round about.


Desire is the fire at disappointment’s fraying edge,

that saves the haunted hoper from his suicidal ledge. 


I look at desperate women.

I look at angry men.

I see the raging majesty

that makes them rise again.


I saw a hill I could not climb,

A song I could not sing.

Sometimes the only way to win

is in the in between.

Repeat Chorus


If Icarus could rise again, I think he’d take it slow.

He’d hover in the atmosphere with somewhere left to go.



The lines are in a pleasant place,

the rhymes are left to cool.

The winter child just froze again.

She’s always been a fool.

The weak are strong, they don’t expect—

they play the hand and bless the deck.

Their lines are lines, not poetry.

They speak in silence, bury dreams.

Repeat Chorus

I sing this song in praise of us for being born and 

just because.

It’s Better Now

By Elizabeth Moliter

Verse 1

You grow stronger every day.

You’ve found a way to stay away.

There’s someone new to hold you 

When the winds begin to blow.

Verse 2

I grow wiser every day.

I’ve found the strength to stay away.

The storms have blown to sea

And my mind begins to clear.


It’s better now.

I’m wiser now.

We’re stronger now.

Where are you now?

Where are you now?

Verse 3

It’s so easy to be free

No one there to tell you “no.”

You can do just as you please,

Not wonder if he’ll stay or go.

Repeat Chorus



Yes, I know

You had to go

But who will I be

Without you and me?

Verse 4

No more footsteps in the hall.

No whistling on the stairs.

But I still can hear you call

My name when you’re not there


Repeat chorus 

Heaven is the Train

by Laura Moliter


And it’s all been said before.

Stop the drumroll at the door.

I come in in borrowed clothes;

garments woven of old prose.


Well, I haven’t slept a wink.

Or maybe I am sleeping now.

And I’m standing on the brink.

I will leap or I will drown.



And I’ve taken every road that I can take.

And still looking for one more.

Maybe heaven is the train,

and not the station or the shore


There’s a crazy kind of sane

that looks for endings that are clear—

a box of days tied with a bow. 

Read the ending, lose the fear.


I have tasted life like wine. 

No glass empty, some still full.

I have touched on worlds sublime,

and then forgotten like a fool



Apathy and ecstasy

chase each other’s tails.

Nothing can be everything,

that shiny key can fail.

All I know is I don’t know…


And the time is getting late.

Twilight sings a lullaby.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Maybe tomorrow I will fly.

Time is a wheel

By Elizabeth Moliter


Life is not a train

To end of the line.

Or a race we run

To beat our best time.

Going in one direction,

Climbing to the top of the stair,

Or falling to the bottom and lying there.



Life is carousel

Turning and turning around.

A circle never broken

Riders going up and down.

Grab the ring and keep spinning




You walk with weary steps

And see with tired eyes,

Carefully treading 

Battling the lies.

Looking in one direction,

Waiting for the end of the road.

Or plugging along,

Doing as you’re told.




Time is a Ferris wheel

Turning and turning round.

A circle never broken,

With thrilling ups and downs.

Ever alive and spinning




It’s painful to lose,

But heaven to strive.

To fall and to stand.

To really feel alive!


The sun goes down

When the day is old.

Rising in the morning 

Brilliant and bold.

Warming God’s reflections,

Bringing healing light,

Guiding our way

To a peaceful night.



If time is a “circle game”

Like my girl, Joni, says,       

Then maybe tomorrow 

There are better dreams ahead.

This game is not for winning. 

So, keep spinning, turning, dancing, living,


Where I Stand

by Laura Moliter

Misty eyes through years of haze.

Walking dead through glory days.

What a waste to play the game,

to buy the goods and lose my name.                   


Had this dream, what was it now?

I can’t recall the why or how.

My burden was a fool mistake,

some sorry case I tried to make.



Can’t be broken, I’m too strong.

Known the true life all along.

Get my treasure for a song.

My story starts today…



Candid camera in my mind, 

caught myself in bad design.

Can’t go back, I chose the line.

Is it too late to leave this time?


Born to be my destiny.

Lost my pride in search of me.

Now I’m gaining on myself,

the girl waiting in the snow.

Repeat chorus



Now is now and full of life.

Baptized clean but not by fire.

Horizon line is where I stand.

Horizon line is where I stand.

My whole life is where I stand.



Don’t panic now it’s gonna be,

a day that has no memory,

a day that isn’t spent in dreams

or found in “ifs” and “whens.”


Rewind moves fast and forward slow,

standing still here in the snow,

just like back when I was new,

and not the child of time…

Repeat Chorus